on the shows   2014



31. August    CACIB show  Bialystok ( PL )

Ok-Nang Dar
Tibetu   -  CAC, CACIB, BOB
owner is  Lauma Strauta. Judge was Mr. P.H.Stanton ( S )


31. August   CACIB show at  Mladá Boleslav

Tai Fanza Chic Choix Idea Fix   -  CAJC, BOJ


23. and 24. August   2x CACIB show at   Innsbruck ( A )

24. 08.  Roxana Dar Tibetu   -  CAJC, BOJ, BOB
Moonshine Dar Tibetu   -  CAC, CACIB, BOS
Thanks to my friend Lucia for Roxana´s care and handling  :-)


24.08. Roxana Dar Tibetu   -  CAJC, BOJ, BOS
Moonshine Dar Tibetu   -  CAC, CACIB, BOB
 Judge was Mrs.  G.Ahrenz (A)

                    Moonshine Dar Tibetu            is new

 Internationalechampion   and  
Champion of Austria

Roxana Dar Tibetu    is new
    Junior champion of Austria

03. August    CACIB show at   Zakopane - Poland

Sunshine Sajatin Dar Tibetu   -  CAJC, BOJ, BOS
Congratulations  Iwona !
 Judge was Mrs.  Zhuk 

  27. Juli  CAC show at   Bedzin - Poland

Orion Dar Tibetu -  CAC, BOB, BOG IV, BIS branch Bezin 2014 !
Congratulations to owner of Orion, Bartek  !



26. and 27. Juli  CACIB and CAC shows at San Marino

Roxana Dar Tibetu   -  2x CAJC, 2x BOJ, 2x BOB, 1x BOG
                                                                                              and BIS III  !
Thank you very much, Lucia for all about Roxana !

Roxana Dar Tibetu    is new
Junior Champion of   Rep.San Marino !


26. Juli  Dogshow at  Brno Žebětín

Tai Fanza Chic Choix Idea Fix ( Stella )  -  Ex1, Junior winner
Judge was Mr.
Tibor Havelka from  SK


6. Juli  CACIB show at Velká Ida - SK

Whisborne Moon Walker  -  Ex1, CAC, res.CACIB
Judge was Mr.
Robak from Poland

 Whisborne Moon Walker
 is new     Champion of Slovakia !


6. June  CAC show at  Knittelsheim  ( D )

Roxana Dar Tibetu -  V1, CAJC, BOJ,  BIS junior
Judge was Mr. Bertold Peterbus .
Thank you Lucia , very much :-)


29. June  dogshow at  Neresheim Stetten ( D )

Roxana Dar Tibetu -  Ex1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB , BIS junior
Handling by Lucia Tarkos. Thank you very much Lucy !

                                                 Lucia Tarkoš with  Roxana

22. June  Intercanis BRNO

Tai Fanza Chic Choix Idea Fix  -  Ex1, CAJC, BOJ
 Rigoletto dar Tibetu  -  Ex1, CAJC, own. Brona Klimkova
Lancelot Dar Tibetu -  Ex1, CAC, res.CACIB own. M.Hankeova
Tai Fanza Chic Choix Idea Fix  -  Ex1, CAJC, BOJ
 Zarien Dar Tibetu   -  Ex2, res.CAC own. Brona Klimkova

Judge was Mr. O.Vondrouš from CZ

       !!! Rigoletto Dar Tibetu is new  Junior champion of CZ !!!

             !!! Lancelot Dar Tibetu is new  Champion of CZ !!!

                                     Big congratulation to both owners !

21. June  CAC show at  Aarau  ( Switzerland)

 Roxana Dar Tibetu -  Ex1, CAJC, BOB
Thank you Lucia !

   Roxana Dar Tibetu is new  Junior  Champion of Switzerland 

14. June CACIB show at  Klagenfurt

Roxana Dar Tibetu -  Ex1, CAJC, BOJ
Judge was Mrs.
Tatiana Urek from Slowinia

15. June  CACIB show at  Klagenfurt

 Roxana Dar Tibetu -  Ex1, CAJC, BOJ, Best Bitch, BOB, BOG V.
Judge was Mrs. Korosec Maja  from Slowinia


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14. June  dogshow at Náměšť na Hané

 Rigoletto Dar Tibetu -  Ex1, win of junior class 
maj. Broňa Klimková  
Judge was Mr. Václavík  from CZ

1. June  CACIB show at  Nitra ( Slovakia )

 Whisborne Moon Walker  -  Ex1, CAC, res.CACIB
 Lancelot Dar Tibetu -  Ex2, r.CAC
Judge was Mrs.
Dagmar Klein from Rumunia

                                              Whisborne Moon Walker

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