on the shows  2013


30. Nevember  and  1. December   DUO CACIB Nitra - SK

 Moonshine Dar Tibetu   res.CAC,  CAC, res.CACIB
Lancelot Dar Tibetu   CAC - majitelka Marcela Hankeová
 Whisborne Moon Walker    res.CAC/ r.CACIB, CAC, CACIB,BOS owner .  Piia Helistola Laurila
 Judges were Mr.Jacobs from Germany  and Mr. Ing. Jančík from CZ

                                                Whisborne Moon Walker

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11. November   CACIB   Vrtojbe - Slovinia

 Moonshine Dar Tibetu   CAC, CACIB , BOB

10. November  CACIB  Šempeter - Slovinia

 Moonshine Dar Tibetu   CAC, CACIB , BOB
  Judge was Mrs.
Jadranka Selimović from Croatia


10. November  CACIB  Kielce - Poland

 Orion Dar Tibetu   CAC, CACIB , BOS
Congratualtion to his owner Bartek
  Judge was Mr. M.Redlicki  from Poland


2. a 3. November  2x CACIB  Praha

 Moonshine Dar Tibetu   CAC,r.CAC, CACIB
Lancelot  Dar Tibetu   CAC - owner M.Hankeová
Judges werei :  Seymour Steven  and  Pierluigi Sergio


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26. and  27. October   2x CACIB  Poznaň - Poland

Orion  Dar Tibetu   2x CAC, 2x r.CACIB  - own. B.Straszak


5. and  6. October  2x CACIB  Koper, Bohinj - Slovinia

Ok Nang  Dar Tibetu   2x CAC, 2x CACIB, 1x BOB  - own. L.Strauta
Judges were  Mr. E.Deutscher ( A) and |Mr.  S.Sinko ( SLO )
Big congratulation Lauma !


                           ... very nice successes but not so good weather ...

1. September  European Dog Show - Genéva

Orion Dar Tibetu  Ex.2 junior class- own. B.Straszak-congratulations
Uranos Dar Tibetu -  European winner of veteran,
      BOB vetaran ! 
-owner our friend . A.Kacprzyk-Straszak
Judge was Mr.Fred Peddie - Canada

                   Uranos Dar Tibetu " TOFFI "  is new 
 Veteran Champion of Switzerland  !
                       Agnieszka and Toffi , big congratulations !


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29.  August   CACIB show at Geneve - CH

Moonshine Dar Tibetu 
  res. CAC
Orion Dar Tibetu   CAJC, BOJ 
- own. B.Straszak
Uranos Dar Tibetu -  Best veteran, BOB veteran

Judge was Mr. Jorge Nallem - UY

25.  August   CAC show at  Mladá Boleslav - CZ

Moonshine Dar Tibetu 
  CAC, Best male, BOB
Whisborne Moon Walker  CAC

Judge was Mrs. Ing. A.Košťálová - CZ    

   Sakke   ( Whisborne Moon Walker )   is now   Champion of CZ !

10.  and  11. August  Duo CACIB   Innsbruck - A

Moonshine Dar Tibetu 
  2 x CAC, 2x CACIB, Best male 
Judges were  :  Mr.n E.Deutscher - A  and  Mrs. H. Maissen-Jarisch - A

Moonshine at intermediate class

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4. August  CACIB show at  Zakopane - PL

Moonshine Dar Tibetu 
  CAC, res.CACIB 
Whisborne Moon Walker   CAC, Best male, CACIB

Judge was Mrs. A.Poduschka - A

Whisborne Moon Walker  " SAKKE "   obtained last  CACIB
                        for title   Internationale champion !

                             ... with Sakke in champion class...

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28.  July   CAC show at Bedzin - PL

Orion Dar Tibetu 
  CAJC, BOJ, BIS junior II.
owner B.Straszak
Judge was Mrs.  M.Swientoń - PL


28. July  Dogshow at BRNO Žabětín

Moonshine Dar Tibetu 
  Ex1, Win of class, Win. of  Zabetin
Lancelot Dar Tibetu  Ex.1, Win of class

Judge was Mr. Matyáš  - SK

27. July  CAC show Gr..IX FCI -  Walbrzych PL

Moonshine Dar Tibetu 
Whisborne Moon Walker   CAC, Best male, BOB
Lancelot Dar Tibetu  Ex.2 
own. M.Hankeová

Judge was mr. R.First - PL




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