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    Here I want to explain you the history about Dar Tibetu Lhasa apso kennel established in the Czech Republic. I bought my first Lhasa Apso a female her name isCINDERELLA z Dobre vule, borned 1990 CINDERELLA Z DOBRE VULE  and it was tha year 1990.  I started my Lhasa apso kennel at the same time. At that time I choose this dog just for my pleasure, and for her kindness character as well as for her beautiful coat just like her mother. Together we participated in the first dog shows of my and her life and I have to say that we were not bad for the beginners. A year later I bought another female , her name is ESTER PLAVY STIN  so that Cindy would not feel so lonely. I hoped that Ester would look like her parents as much as possible and she makes my expectation of a good, first-rate female dog, as far as her size, body frame and head expression are as I wish real Tibetan.

    These two female Lhasas have become the basis of my kennel called DAR TIBETU  INT.CH. AURA Dar Tibetu, borned 1994 Soon after that I decided to keep Cinderella's daughter -another female dog called AURA DAR TIBETU -because of her special colour, tender dog soul and nobility with which she was able to present herself in a show ring. Aura has always been very successful at the dog shows. Her achievements: Interchampion, National Champion of Poland, Champion of Lhasa Apso Club of the Czech Republic. She has been selected twice the most beautiful dog of the dog shows, Best In Show ,and she has been awarded CACIB and BOB many times by judges from several countries. At the World Dog Show in Milan, Italy, in 2000, she was awarded "excellent" in championsslass with hard competition of 15 female dogs.

        One day, a puppy -BRIGITTE DAR TIBETU (Ester's daughter) -returned home. CH. BRIGITTE Dar Tibetu, borned 1994 After some time Brigitte became a nicely coloured, self-confident young female dog - mainly thanks to our patient care for her neglected hair and painful dog heart. Not only our family liked her a lot but she was also successful at the dog shows in this country as well as abroad: National Champion of the Czech Republic, Champion of Poland, Champion of Lhasa Apso Club of the Czech Republic, CACIB and BOB awards several times.

CH. EXTREME Dar Tibetu, borned 1997     Another member of my kennel is Aura's daughter EXTREME DAR TIBETU. She has inherited the elegance of her mother, small body frame of her father and black-and-white colour of her ancestors. During two show seasons she gained many awards: National Champion of the Czech Republic, Champion of Poland, Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Lhasa Apso Club of the Czech Republic, several CACIB awards.

IRIS GOLD  Dar Tibetu, borned 2000      IRIS GOLD DAR TIBETU  is the youngest member of our "family" (Ester's daughter). She has inherited Ester's first-rate hair of golden colour, long elegant neck and graceful movement of her father -FELLOW FENDI LENAKO . Her first show season was successful. She is Interchampion, Champion of the Czech Republic, she obtains a lot of CAC and   CACIB on dog show in Czech Republic and foreign countries.

EL Minja's  MAY BOY

We brought from Holland puppy - male MAY BOY from kennel
EL Minja's  -  Sylvia and Frank
van Tatenhove van Roosenbroek.

Champion EL Minjas May Boy  develop very good. He has elegant movement,top quality build structure and hair and correct head with excellent bite.He does a lot of pleasure on dog show for us. He is now  International champion,Champion of Czech Republic, Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Poland,  junior champion of Czech Republic, Champion junior of Slovakia, Winner junior on Club dog show Lhasa apso CZ, Winner junior Best in schow IDS Nitra 2002. Champion of the Lhasa Apso Club of Czech.

Worldchampion junior- Amsterdam 2002.


 Multichampion  El.Minja´s HONEBY                  

Dutch,German,Luxembourg, Champion and  Winster Amsterdam 98.

We are happy to Welcome our new import pretty Honeyby at Dar Tibetu. We have her from  Lhasa Apso kennel El Minja's just as we have EL Minjas May Boy. I know that she is a great big contribution for my breeding program.We have two nice females after Honeyby in our kennel. ONLY FOR YOU DAR TIBETU and QUAIL DAR TIBETU.

 From 2004 year we have nice dog Le Sajnim Indian Dream in our kennel. He is from Holland. We are going with him on dog shows in our and ambient countries. He is Champion of Czech Republic, Champion of Poland, Champion of Slovakia Republic and Champion of Club Lhasa apso CZ, Internationale champion now.    We have after him very nice black male TALISMAN DAR TIBETU {Extreme's son} and puppy female WINTER FLOWER DAR TIBETU {mother is Gina Agata Lux }.Both have show career before them.

Both "puppies" have first successes in 2006 season. Talisman is Junior champion of Slovakia and Poland and Winter Flower is Junior champion of Slovakia. In 2007 season is Talisman Internationale champion and  of Champion CZ, Poland, Slovakia. Winter Flower is Champion of Club Lhasa apso CZ

 Talisman Dar Tibetu - 15 months                       Winter Flower Dar Tibetu - 10 months

                    Aurelia  - 5 months                                  Aurelia 18 months
 Our female Chic Choix AURELIA COTTA  came from Finland. Her successes are on her page at gallery. 
 Next young female in our home  is from USA, from Cathy Marley, Kai-La-Sha Silver Belle.
Her start on dogshows is on her page at gallery.


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